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Why Am I Doing This

Before this, I used to record every information I come across inside Evernote. Over the years, I accumulated around 4k notes and it got harder to navigate through everything and it took longer to find a specific piece of information whenever I needed it. With the release of Notion and me stumbling on the wiki of Nikita Voloboev, I decided to make the transition. I moved all the personal and work-related notes to Notion and notes about things I learned and found out through the internet will be kept on this wiki. Since exporting the Evernote notes and just importing it here would not solve the initial chaos, I am going to go over all the notes one by one to process everything in order to write it down cleanly here. Thereby I get the chance to relearn some of the stuff again and share the knowledge with you. It will take a while to complete the transition and since I will keep learning new stuff, this wiki will forever be a Work-in-Progress.

Who Am I

My name is Long Do and I’m from Germany. I’m a software developer primarly focusing on front-end development. I have experience working in agile environments and am a convinced advocate of clean code. My technical interests cover the integration of internet of things into everyday life, checking out open source projects and to automate repetitive processes via bash or python scripting.

Where to Find Me on the Web

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